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Launching Pad October 28, 2008

This marks the first ever Launching Pad.  I will put these link dumps up randomly, but hopefully almost daily.  If you have a good Rockets article that you've found, please send it my way and we'll get it to other Rockets fans as well. 

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A Rockets article from the New York Times (h/t to Clutchfans)  

Although Artest wrecked the team he built, Walsh still speaks of him fondly, and even roots for him.


“I would love to see him in a position publicly where the good side of him could be seen,” Walsh said. “Because it hasn’t been seen in a long time. And there’s a great side to Ron.”

Scoop Jackson thinks this is the Rockets season

I am far from a Scoop fan, but I’m all for anyone that wants on the bandwagon.  Of course, who is to say he’s not a blessing but a curse?  I’m betting Suns fans feel that way.

Now I'm jumping on a potential bandwagon. Like the Gap T-shirt campaign, I've been inspi(red). The Houston Rockets will win the whole damn thing this season.

By the way scoop, that’s not a Gap campaign, it’s much bigger than that.  Check out ProductRed   

ESPN’s NBA Power Rankings are out for the first week of the season

I’m not sure why the Rockets moved down, but I love being an underdog, so I’m all for it!  Well, as much of an underdog as you can be at 6.  And while I do not put much stock in preseason or in season power rankings, you can’t deny that they are fun to look at.

The Rocky Moutain News thinks the Rockets have the right pieces

It oddly ends with the last 10 or so paragraphs being about them not being healthy but still, nice to see props from far and wide.

Houston Chronicle Rockets Notes


Battier still day to day but is probably a while from making it back.

McGrady says there is not a big problem with his knee

Alston is ready to go after off-season ankle surgery.