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So it seems we have something in common with Simmons after all...

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(Me to Sports Guy)

Just when I thought you couldn't get any dumber, you go and do something like this... !

... and totally redeem yourself!!!!

Sports Guy this afternoon:

My brewing feud with Jazz fans. Because I keep dismissing the Chris Paul-Deron Williams "rivalry" and wrote last week that Paul was the Pearl Jam to Williams' Stone Temple Pilots, that earned me a steady stream of hate mail from Utah and an extended rip in something called the Deseret News. Look, people of Utah -- you ruined the 2002 Olympics because nobody could buy a stiff drunk or a beer that had a real level of alcohol, and I think "Last Call" was 8:30 at night. As my friend Jacoby jokes, "Each brewery around the world has to brew and bottle special low alcohol beer solely because Utah hates fun." It's true. The only reason we still put up with you is the skiing. I'd keep it down.
Even Simmons hates the Utah Jazz. 

Oh, and Stone Temple Pilots are/were awesome.  If Utah fans are actually mad about that -- they not only suck, but they are moronic, too.  Jeez, the best analogy for Utah would be exactly that... CP3 as Pearl Jam and Deron as STP.  Pearl Jam made one (yes, ONE) good CD.  Vs. sucked donkey balls.  STP made 3 and 1/2 great CDs and are far more relevant in the music world today than Eddie Vedder's hippie clan.  Which would you rather have??