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Game 1 - Rockets vs. Grizzlies

The beginning of the 2008-09 National Basketball Association season is tonight. The REAL season beginning is at 7:30PM CST at the Toyota Center in Houston, TX. Your Houston Rockets take on the Memphis Grizzlies in game one of the season for both teams.

Memphis Grizzlies: 0-0 (0-0 on the road) 0-0 in their last 10

All Time: 340-694, 17-35 against the Rockets

Houston Rockets: 0-0 (0-0 at home) 0-0 in their last 10
All Time: 1684-1646, 35-17 against the Grizzlies

I found the .506 winning percentage for the Rockets to be a bit odd. Seemed to mean they are regularly mediocre which I know to not be true. Turns out that puts them at 12th all time in winning percentage. If the Rockets go on a winning rampage this year, they could potentially catch the Bulls and Pacers and be in the top 10. That would also require poor seasons by both of those teams but still possible. There are 17 teams that don't have an all time winning percentage of over .500. The storied Knicks should go under that mark this year if they lose 10 more games than they win and they will. The Grizzlies .329 is the worst of any active team.

Also of note for you football fans, when Notre Dame loses to Pitt this weekend and Texas beats Texas Tech they will be tied for the second most wins in NCAA history.

It's hard to really assess this game. The Rockets played and beat the Grizzlies twice in the preseason, but by small margins. Obviously those were not played with starter's minutes or with more than the goal of getting players developed and seeing them in game action. The Rockets are simply the better team in every facet of the game expect youth. This game should not be a contest and I do not plan on it being one. Dave and I will be there in person, taking advantage of the discount tickets the team was selling. You have to take every advantage in this economy!









Rockets - I'll give it to Rafer for one more year, but Conley is going to be good




Rockets - Mayo will be good, but I just don't have a strong feel for him to be great. If he is, the Grizzlies may figure out the West.




Rockets - The Rockets won this trade, sorry, just the way it is.




Rockets - Scola is clearly the better player, though Warrick is definitely one of my favorite NCAA players of all time.




Rockets - I don't have to explain this one

Key Backup



Clearly Rockets

Key Backup



Rockets - I don't even know who their 7th guy is

The Rockets have the advantages 1-7, and if Battier was healthy it would be even worse. This game shouldn't be close. I don't predict final scores as that's a fools game, but

Prediction: Rockets WIN! 1-0 on the season!

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