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We have Crazy Pills... and YOU don't!

Yeah, at the risk of under-stating it...

I fucking LOVE what Ron Artest brings to the Rockets.


In 39 minutes of beastly action, Crazy Pills puts up 29 points, 6 rebounds and a hell of a lot of toughness and needed emotion.

And the technical foul was complete and total bullshit......... and yet it was probably the spark that helped us pull away at the end.  We will have to get used to that though - refs are going to have the Rasheed-esque quick whistle every time RonRon makes an aggressive move during a dead ball situation.  Even if it is to help out Yao.  Talk about becoming fast friends, huh?

Oh, Yao had a good game, too... 40 minutes, 30 points and 13 boards.  Nice.