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A big middle finger to the NBA schedule makers

The Rockets started strong in going 3-0 out of the gate...
only to stumble recently to a 4-3 mark.  With a couple of breaks the Rockets would reasonably be 6-1 (close loss to Celtics and the Brandon Roy 0.8 seconds shot).

Of course, the NBA schedule makers wanted none of that.

Why else would the Rockets have two early back-to-backs, face the Celtics AND Lakers within the first 7 games (both times facing teams well rested).  Hell the Lakers have played 2 less games than Houston so far... which only made it harder when the refs "let 'em play" and Bynum, Gasol and Odom were given carte blanche to beat the shit out of Yao in the post.  Rockets visibly worn out by the third quarter.  Giving way to the near 30 point blowout.

(sidenote:  Pau Gasol is a pussy.  He fake flopped and tried to draw a foul on a phantom elbow by Landry.  Then Gasol actually elbows Landry and reacts in mock outrage.  Foul called on Landry.  Figures.) 

Then again, we did predict this might happen.

Seriously, FU NBA schedule-makers.