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Lakers fans make Jazz fans look sympathetic

First, a disclaimer:  Yes, the Lakers are a very, very good basketball team.  They clearly deserved to win last night.  On the flip side, the Rockets did not look all that inspiring last night and 29 point losses are never good things.  Shooting 37% from the field makes for ugly games.  And as a Rockets fan, I found the effort unacceptable. 

That said:  You Laker fans really need to chill the f--k out.  I'm not even kidding.

Yes, your Lakers are 5-0.  Whoopty-doo!!  The freakin' Hawks are 5-0, too and I don't see anyone crowning them NBA Champions already.

Yes, the Rockets have some issues to address.  Yao looks very slow.  T-Mac looks like he has aged 15 years in the offseason.  Ron Artest has yet to mesh with the offense and relies on one-on-one moves and 3 point shots too much right now.  Rafer is shooting even worse than he did last November - and that's saying something.  Shane Battier is still hurt (injured?).  Chuck Hayes still plays wayyyy too many minutes.  Brent Barry hasn't really contributed anything yet.  Luther Head still sucks.  Scola and Landry haven't been used property or enough.

But to anyone who thinks the Rockets are "frauds" or who thinks the Yao/T-Mac/Artest trio is really something you want to face in April when the "real" games begin....... you, sir (or madam), are a certifiable moron.  Repeat:  moron.

Write this down ----- in February, you are going to forget how the Rockets looked "sluggish" in November.  By February, the Rockets are going to look like a fine-tuned machine that destroys everything in their path.  That will include you, L.A.

And as a final sidenote, reading comments on a Lakers-themed blog is actually kind of sad.  I realize that being snarky and cruel is the common bond among Internet commenters, but some of these Laker fan sites I have read today have the most unoriginal and sad comments ever.  When Lee or I actually made the effort to congratulate the Lakers... the commenters would turn around and call us derogatory names that even I hesitate to re-print here.  And I'll print just about any kind of s--t on this blog!  At the very least, if you're going to slander me, have the courtesy to be witty or creative!!  It's the least you can do...

in the meantime, you're just going to make Yao angry.  And you won't like him when he's angry.