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It is called "Defense," Amare. Look into it.

From the Chronicle today:

Even after the Rockets kept Suns leading scorer Amare Stoudemire in check on Wednesday, holding him to 5-of-13 shooting and 11 points, Stoudemire was unimpressed.
"You got Luis Scola, Chuck Hayes, Carl Landry," Stoudemire said. "Scola, it's his second year in the league. Chuck Hayes and Carl Landry, they're OK players but I definitely need to dominate those guys early — anytime. Nothing against them, they played well. But just from a fact of wanting to dominate and wanting to take over the ball game, that's what I wanted to do. Wasn't quite able to do it.".
Hey, Sun Tzu or whatever you want to call yourself these days -- it's called defense.  Yes, I know that's a completely foreign concept to you, but that is why Scola, Landry and Hayes kept you in check.  It's a time tested method of winning at basketball.  Don't ask the Fat Ass though, he wouldn't know anything about defense either.

Oh, and Scola and Landry are more than mere "OK players" - they are badasses.  Your lack of respect only contributed to your unfortunate results.