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Oh, no, not Javie!!!

Tonight's referees:

S. Javie K. Fehr S. Wright

Oh, no.  He's back.


Next to Violet Palmer, who just sucks, Steve Javie is the worst referee in the NBA.  And that's because he lets his ego get in the way.  All the time.

Now that Crazy Pills is a Rocket... and the team is coming off a little "scuffle" with the Phoenix Suns -- expect a series of technical fouls tonight.  Just for Javie to show them who is boss.  Or, to quote/paraphrase Kumar Patel:

Let me guess. You were probably the big asshole in your high school, right?  You'd pick on guys like us every day.  But then graduation came, and we went to college and you went nowhere, so you thought, "How can I still give them shit? I know! I'll become a [referee]!" Well, congratulations. Your dream's come true.

Please, please, please don't let Steve Javie screw us over tonight!!