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Rafer Alston Suspended

Considering he didn't throw a punch, 2 games is asinine, but that's what he gets.  Matt Barnes received two games as well.  Oddly enough, they even suspended Steve Nash for one game.  It looked that, although he escalated the situation, that he get the brunt of the pushing done to him. 

Chronicle story by Feigen here


Rafer Alston - 2 Games
Matt Barnes - 2 Games
Steve Nash - 1 Game

Shaquille O'Neal - $35,000
Tracy McGrady - $25,000

I actually liked this quote from McGrady, shows a little heart:

Asked about Barnes retaliating by running through an Alston screen, rather than on McGrady directly, McGrady said, "He chose wisely."

Rafer being out won't hurt the Rockets as much tonight, but tomorrow he won't get to try and trash talk Chris Paul.  I honestly think it works a little on CP3, he tends to score more than pass against us.  Oh, what's that?  He puts up double digit assists anyway?  Well alrighty then... 

Aaron Brooks will start tonight, some of you will get your wish.  Brent Barry is potentially out with a sprained thumb.