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Game 10 - Rockets vs. Hornets - Rockets return to Toyota Center at 7:30pm CST!

Rockets return home tonight to host CP3 and the New Orleans Hornets.  Here's your matchups.









Mo Peterson (??)

Crazy Pills


Peja Stojakovic

Luis Landry


David West



Tyson Chandler

ABZ vs. CP3 - Aaron Brooks is great off the bench.  He's probably been the most consistent offensive player on the Rockets team.  He shouldn't be starting though.  Thanks, Rafer.  Worst of all, Rafer doesn't get the opportunity tonight to prove that CP3 still isn't half the player he is.    (Huge!) Advantage:  CP3.  Like... obviously.

T-Mac vs. Mo Peterson - Peterson is listed as day-to-day so I am not 100% sure he's playing tonight.  Then again, I'm not 100% sure T-Mac is playing either.  I mean the real T-Mac, not the guy who goes 2-12 against San Antonio.  Still -- T-Mac has to be the one favored in this matchup - no matter who is the SG for the Hornets.  Advantage:  McGrady.

Crazy Pills vs. Peja Stojakovic - the guys who were traded for each other a few years ago post-Malice.  Peja is a shell of what he was back in 2002... but he's still capable of going crazy if you leave him open.  Fortunately, RonRon likes these kinds of challenges.  At least, I hope so - he's been kinda quiet on both offense and defense lately.  Hmmmm... I still give him the advantage.

Luis Landry vs. David West - good thing Lee isn't doing this preview.  He might actually go catatonic after having to choose a favorite here.  West is his favorite non-Rocket I do believe... but how do you pick against Luis Landry.  And yes, I am including both because Adelman still doesn't let Scola play enough.  That said, David West is an all-star.  Slight advantage to David West.  (I hope to be proven wrong here.)

Yao vs. Chandler - uhhh, yeah, I really do like you Tyson Chandler.  I pissed off a bunch of Lakers fans by saying you're better than Andrew Bynum.  But you aren't Yao.  Even if Yao can't jump these days, he's still better than you.  Big, big advantage (and likely key to the game) - Yao Ming.

I'll be attending the game tonight.  So if anyone sees me in my Luis Scola #4 jersey over in the Jack Daniels bar at the Toyota Center... feel free to say 'hi'.  If the Rockets perform like they did last night in San Antonio, you'll be able to recognize me as the tall, skinny guy in a Luis Scola #4 jersey that is crying like a little girl.

Prediction?  Rockets wake up, Crazy Pills dominates, Yao re-learns how to jump and the Rockets win by 5 in their homecoming.