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If Tracy can't go, who starts?

Much was made about the Artest trade because it was supposed to give us depth at SF and SG. Unfortunately we didn't know that both McGrady, and a usually rugged Battier would both possibly be out. So I'm going to toss my opinion out there. The starter should be Von Wafer if Shane Battier doesn't find a way to ride in on a white horse by Wednesday.

I like Brent Barry, I like what he brings to the team, but I think he's more needed in the second wave at SG. I also don't think he's available for starter's minutes at this point in his career.

Luther Head is NOT an option. He is a terrible ball handler and cannot create his own shot. Right now every time he sees the court he tries to do too much because he knows it may be his last. If all he did was find the corner and try to get open it wouldn't be so bad. But in Adelman's offense he has to handle the ball just about every possession and that is asking for disaster.

Wafer is athletic and quick. His shooting touch seems to be solid and while he makes young player decision with the ball, he seems to have a feel for the offense and how to throw an entry pass to Yao. He also can get out of the way after the pass and how to get open. I actually think he's been missed a lot when he was open for three. I'm hoping he gets the chance to start so that they can really see what the kid can do. It could be very enlightening.

There is obviously the chance that Shane Battier comes back. During the telecast last night they said he would be practicing with the team today or tomorrow. Now that could just be a test, but maybe? I don't want him rushing back. Frankly SG is the worst position on the court for the Mavericks and even a Wafer/Barry combo is better than a Green/Wright combo. So in theory the Rockets should be okay without him. But if you are ready Shane, let's get that defense back on the court!