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Blogger MVP/ROY Rankings V1.0

We are the proud participants in the Blogger MVP/ROY rankings over at Hoops Addict this week. 

This was started last year and was first hosted by Brewhoop of SBNation fame and we were happy to be involved again this year.

The Rankings can be found here


Here were our inputs:


1.  LeBron - Mo Williams isn't that much of a difference maker.  It's still LeBron's team.

2.  Dwyane Wade - the fact that Miami has 4 wins already is enough evidence in support.

3.  Paul Pierce - just ask the Atlanta Hawks.

4.  Kobe - Not scoring as much but he's still undefeated.  Only candidate who can say that.

5.  Dwight Howard - when you do something that hasn't been done since Hakeem, well, that's just special in our eyes.

6.  Chris Bosh - 2010 is now the summer of LeBron, Wade *and* Bosh...

7.  Chris Paul - this will probably be the lowest he ranks on this list all year.

8.  Amare - would be higher if he didn't disappear so much against quality opponents

9.  Tony Parker - just so I can put in writing my disbelief that Frenchy got a double nickel.

10. Doctors in Phoenix - they patch up Nash, they make Shaq look mobile again, and did you *see* the performance of T-Mac in Phoenix on Wednesday?  He credited the doc he saw that morning.

honorable mention:  Al Horford - someone needs credit for Atlanta 's crazy good start.


1.  Derrick Rose - could shoot better, but he's already the leader of that team

2.  OJ Mayo - I want to hate him, but he's actually kinda good.

3.  Rudy Fernandez - rather streaky, but also extremely exciting to watch

4.  Michael Beasley - I expect him to be #1 by the end of this

5.  Jason Thompson - so much for the Kings reaching to get him at #10 overall.

The Dream Shake would also like to voice an objection that there aren't as many Rockets players to vote for this year.  Yao , T-Mac and Crazy Pills are underwhelming and our only rookie isn't allowed to play.