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The NBA, where "how the hell did the Rockets win *that* game?" happens

How the F did the Rockets beat the Wi**rds last night?
I don't think I've ever seen a more misleading final score.

There is no way the Rockets were 12 points better than anyone last night with the way they played, and yet, there it is - 103-91.

I will take that gift of an outcome of course, but it does lead to many causes for future concern:

1.  We are back to missing free throws.  Even Yao clanged 3 of 'em.
2.  Every other possession it seems we are afraid to try to pass the ball inside the 3 point line, so we resort to shooting long 3s. 
3.  Rafer running the fast break is an ugly thing.
4.  Ron Artest running the fast break is an even uglier thing.
5.  Yes, you made a bunch of 3s in the 4th Q, Tracy.  Do not think that will happen again this season. 
6.  How many times can one team get burned by a backdoor cut to the basket from the top of the key?
7.  When the Rockets really need a rebound... the Rockets have been surprisingly unable to secure said rebound.
8.  Brent Barry has been almost as useless as Luther Head.  It makes me sad to say that.
9.  I'm not sure Shane Battier's return is going to fix the holes in our Team D as easily as I once thought.
10.  Seriously, for a team that came in as the #1 FT shooting team in the league... you sure looked a lot like last year's team that couldn't shoot FTs at all.

I could keep going, but I'm still in relative shock that the Rockets won last night.