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How did no one tell me about this (ESPN conversation with Robert Horry)???

I find it incredibly mean that no one pointed me to this ESPN interview with Robert Horry... which I'm about to just cut/paste here:

Five questions with seven-time NBA champion Robert Horry:


Q: We miss you, Big Shot Rob. So can you tell us we're going to see you in a uniform again before the season is over?

A: To be honest with you, I doubt it. It's a trend in the NBA right now to go with youth. I don't think anybody is going to be going for a wily, 38-year-old veteran such as myself. … You never know. It would have to be something I really want for me to even think about it.

Q: What about the trend of signing veterans late in the season that Boston started with P.J. Brown? I hear that Sam Cassell is already trying to convince the Celtics to bring you in after the All-Star break.

A: Sam actually called me about a month ago. I was down in San Diego training, just trying to do something to stay in shape. Sam said: "I talked to Doc [Rivers]. He's thinking about bringing you in at the end of the season, so make sure you stay in shape." I said, "That's fine about Doc, but who is that GM in Boston?" I don't think that's gonna work out.

[Editor's note: Horry was obviously referring to longtime nemesis Danny Ainge]

Q: Were you actively looking for a team in the summer and just couldn't find any takers?

A: I really wanted to keep playing. But for me it's kind of hard because I don't have an agent calling around for me. … I'm still trying to stay in shape the best I can. I'm shooting about once every three days. I do a lot of pool work to stay off my joints; I get out early in the morning with all the 60-year-old women. But once the holidays come, if I'm still around the table at Thanksgiving and Christmas, it might be time to just eat and enjoy life.

Q: If you really have played your last game, can we assume you're leaving happy with what you've accomplished?

A: It was a tremendous run. I'm kind of upset the way it ended having a DNP in my last playoff game. My very last game, I don't even get off the bench … it's not the way you really want to go out. But I guess I've had enough on-top moments, probably more than anybody in the league right now. If you told me I'd be able to get seven [rings], I've either been very lucky or I've done a great job helping these great players. I don't think there's been a luckier guy, not being a superstar or even a star.

Q: I know you're trying to downplay it here, so I'll say it: If this turns out to be the end, shouldn't you retiring be a bigger deal with a little more hoopla, even though you've always told us you're a low-key guy?

A: That's happened a lot of times. For as much as I accomplished, I think there's been times I got screwed over in some way, like the way I was treated by some of the refs. Even Nike. I've been a Nike guy for 16 years, and once I looked at their Web site … I'm in the league and I didn't even know some of the guys who were on there instead of me. So looking back, I got screwed over sometimes as far as being recognized. But at the end of the day, you can ask any of the players that I played with or any of the coaches that I played for -- except Danny Ainge -- and I bet they say, "I loved that guy." Overall I didn't get some of the things I wanted to get recognition-wise, but I got the respect of my peers.

Q: What do you think of all of us experts who've anointed James Posey as the new Robert Horry?

A: No, no, no. He ain't no Robert Horry. Posey is a good friend of mine, I love him as a person. But he can't play as many positions as me. I think he plays D almost as good as me, even though he doesn't block shots like I did. He's a great player, but until he reaches that seven mark, he's no Robert Horry.


Oh, be on the lookout for a round-table-ish interview where I get to argue the Hall of Fame credentials on behalf of Robert Horry.  To think someone actually took the approach that Horry isn't a Hall of Famer... and that this person isn't Danny Ainge!?!?