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Time to retire the ugly red blazer?

While I hear rumors that McGrady is going to pull a Peter Gibbons and not show up at the usual time for the game tonight... there is good news.

Shane Battier might be back!

The saga of the hideous red blazer/jacket may have (finally) reached its conclusion!

let's just quote Shane directly so as to prevent any miscommunication here:

"It feels pretty good. It feels better than it did a month and a half ago," Battier said following Tuesday’s workout. "I wouldn’t say that I feel outstanding, but I feel good enough to finally dip my toe in the water.

"Hopefully, I wake up in the morning and feel good. So much is predicated on how good I feel in the morning. If it feels pretty good in the shootaround, I’ll retire the red jacket for at least a night."

As Barney would say.......