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That was ugly

I rarely really get on referrees, but I also rarely see such pathetic displays as I saw from Jim Clark tonight.  You sir are a horrible referree.  You call things out of position, you refused to call fouls for Yao or Scola tonight, even when they were getting hammered.  You also turned what was about to be a blowout into a stagnant display with 3 calls in a row that you should be embarrassed about. 

We didn't lose the game because of a referee, but we damn sure had a problem winning it because of one.  Tom Washington looked at him about 5 times during the game trying to figure out what the hell he was thinking.  If you are incapable of seeing Yao Ming get fouled then maybe you should retire.  You just stood there as Yao was elbowed in the face to the point of bleeding on a clear charge, yet you called nothing as Yao hit the deck.  Nevermind the fact that Yao does not flop, ever.

You know what hurts the most?  That guy is a fellow UT grad.  He's also from Dallas.  So maybe he was cheering for TJ Ford and the Mavericks all in one night?

Also, Rick Adelman, if you don't tell the team soon how to lob a pass over the pathetic fronting that Indiana was doing I will just snap.  Yao had single front coverage.  He can destroy that at will with a few well placed passes.  Indiana was slow on the double team all night, yet, since Rafer Alston sucks, he never once took advantage of it.

This game tonight is why Bill Simmons did not include us in his elite teams.