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Luis Landry to the res..... oh, dammit!!!

Well, I made it a month...

You suck, Rafer.

You just got de-pantsed by TJ Ford.  Repeatedly.  And then you continued to make mind-boggling and stupid decisions with the basketball. 

(And Ron Artest?  I am sure you wanted to show off for the guys in the "Indiana" jerseys, but those were 21 very ugly shots you took.)

34.8% shooting for the game?  At home.  Disgusting.

There is no way the Rockets should have lost last night.  Blowing a double-digit lead with just a few minutes left?  (Hey, has anyone realized that Troy Murphy is wide-the-fuck-open at the top of the key... still?).  That is some sloppy defense played tonight.  We get outscored 27-16 in the fourth quarter?  I can live with only scoring 16 points, but giving up 27 in the money period?  Shameful.

Worst part?

10 guys ruined what was an awesome game by Luis Landry.  Scola finishes with 15 points and 18 bullish rebounds.  Landry finishes with 15 points and 10 rebounds.  Everyone else except maybe Yao forgot to show up.  Including the referees.  Yao gets elbowed and kneed right in the face/chest... no foul.  Ever.

I guess I should be thankful considering today is Thanksgiving.  Well, I'm thankful that there is another game soon and I'll never have to think about this debacle ever again.  This is almost as bad as last year's Philly Debacle.  Blowing games like this at home is inexcusable.  Maybe Yao will come out and call his teammates "stupid" this year (to follow up last year's "we are soft" declaration).