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McGrady to miss at least the next two games

Tracy McGrady is going to sit out tonight and Sunday night's games.  Here's the scary news.  Luther Head is starting tonight. 

I'm not sure exactly what Von Wafer did to anger Rick Adelman (or Aaron Brooks for that matter) but it must have been really bad.  There is no way I would start Luther Head over Battier or Wafer.  I at least understand Battier, though I think it makes more sense for him to start and Artest to come off the bench (Artest can create his own shot, even if it is a bad one). 

McGrady has an appointment with Dr. James Andrews, also know as THE GREATEST SPORTS DOCTOR IN THE WORLD, on Monday.  Hopefully he can fix his knee like John Patterson fixed his back in Waco.  We'll see though, this knee is becoming a much more serious problem than anyone alluded to in the off season. 

Here's what McGrady himself had to say:

"There’s got to be," McGrady said. "If I’m limping, I can’t continue to play my career by limping. There has to be some sort of other alternative that we can do and I’m sure he has another answer."

I'm officially worried about his knee, and I think everyone here know's that I am obnoxiously optimistic. Anytime you see a guy talk about not being able to play their career, that's a real problem.

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