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Well...... [expletive deleted]!!!

Get ready for some of the loudest expletives you have ever heard...



First the Rockets lose.
Then I get two outed in a poker game.
Then the judge in my big case somehow gets voted out.
Then I see Obama wins.

But since this is a Rockets-themed site, I guess I should stay on topic.

Hey, Tracy... care to play a little defense?  Any?  Jesus, you made Ray Allen look like he was 23 again.

Hey, Rafer... quit getting T'd up with 2 minutes left in a close game (oh, and stop shooting.  Thanks).

Hey, Yao - JUMP!

Hey, Crazy Pills - quit listening to Tracy and just take the ball to the basket.  You should never attempt 10 threes in a game.  Ever.

Hey, Luis... okay, you're cool.  This doesn't apply to you.

Hey, Rick Adelman... don't put Yao back into a game when the reserves are killing it and Yao can't buy a bucket!

Hey, ANYBODY... freakin' box out and get a rebound.

Okay, okay... we're still 3-1, and that projects to a damn good season (60+ wins in fact if the pace holds).  I guess I just hoped we could close out the game better this time around.  So much for home court advantage against the C's.