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For some hilarity - Blazer's Edge Game Thread

Over at Blazer's edge, they have a hell of a site.  Their in game thread is always fantastic and I have participated before for a Rockets vs. Trailblazers game.  Last night's was no exception.  But guys, not every single call is wrong.  If you didn't think the foul call on Roy for hitting Yao's arm was good, then you need to take a step back from the bottle and stop drinking.  Admit you have a problem. 

Also, if you don't think that LAM's hook that injured Chuck Hayes was an offensive foul, you really need to learn the rules.  Someone even said since both hands were on the ball that it couldn't be an offensive foul, that's just insane. 

I was using our game thread last night, and only watching their's, but there were some real gems from the fans.  I can't believe anyone would have such an awesome talent in Brandon Roy and question him 100 times in a game like that.  The guy is 24. in only his third year, and has done nothing but play his ass off.  I'd trade you Tracy McGrady for him straight up right this interest, and I love TMac.

I'd also like to make it clear that there is no way on earth that you can do the move and shot that Roy did in .8 seconds, none.  You can do it if you don't start the clock until he turns around, but not if it is done properly.

I found it awesome that the game was called extremely evenly, we barely bitched at all about it over here, but there are about 200 posts about them getting screwed disproportionately by the refs.

Doesn't matter, still love you guys, just thought it was funny how blinded fans (me included) can be by the love for their team.  Good luck the rest of the season gentlemen and ladies, I'm sure you'll make the playoffs and get a good taste of it before you have to figure out how the heck to pay all these guys and keep the team together.  You have a hell of a GM (second best in the biz behind ours) that I bet figures out how to do just that.