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Ron Artest is mad as hell, and he's not going to take [losing] anymore!!!

Yeah, the Tru Warier returns.
And the Rockets make a crazy cool comeback to win.

Note to Atlanta:  Do not make Ron Artest angry.


The Rockets were down 86-78... and then Crazy Pills decided that was enough.  Shortly thereafter, the Rockets blitz the unsuspecting Hawks 24-8 to close out the game.  Now *that* is what I'm talking about!

It doesn't hurt that both Yao and Scola contributed double-doubles, with Yao a single rebound short of the awesome 20-20 stat.  Oh, well, not like he hasn't done it before... and we know he'll do it again.

Maybe now I can finally repress the memory of the Memphis disaster.  Maybe.  Though that game is still going to haunt us in March/April.  This comeback -- wholly unexpected given how the Rockets played in the 3rd quarter -- makes  me feel a little better about the Rockets' place on the NBA totem pole.  Crazy Pills and Yao know when enough is enough.  And they aren't going to take losing to inferior teams any more!