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Artest gets an MRI on his ankle

This is old news at this point, but on Tuesday Crazy Pills got an MRI on hi ankle.  It did not reveal anything new. 

He still has two slightly torn ligaments in his ankle.  They will heal on their own with time, but with Tracy McGrady out, the Rockets can not afford to play too many games without him.  Rest is the answer to his problem, the same as it is to McGrady's.  Hopefully TMac can make it back on schedule.  By my count his 3 weeks began December 2nd (maybe the 1st) which means he would be able to go on the 22nd or 23rd.  The Rockets have back to back games against New Jersey (surprisingly decent) and then Cleveland.  It would make a lot of sense for him to come back the 23rd and be the "fresh guy" against Lebron and the Cavaliers. 

His ankle is directly attributable to the numbers that Tom posted earlier.  He can't get push off around the basket after he has already driven the lane.  This leads to less dunks and more layups that aren't your typical easy scores.  After you play your whole life one way and have a certain amount of ability on the drive, it's very difficult to adjust.  Especially when you don't know exactly how much it will hurt each time you push off. 

Tru Warrier indeed

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