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Rumor: McGrady to the Cavaliers?

Hoopsworld's Bill Ingram wrote this article about a rumor involving a Tracy-to-the-Cavs deal.  Ingram feels that McGrady isn't going anywhere this year, especially not to Cleveland.  To make the obvious even more obvious, I agree.

There would be no point in trading T-Mac to Cleveland for both teams.  For one, the rumored deal would have us getting (ready to puke?) Wally Szczerbiak and others, meaning others worse than Wally Szczerbiak.  Maybe five years ago, but not now, especially given how poorly Wally has played for Cleveland in the few months he has been there.  The Rockets also won't move McGrady this year because his contract expires in 2010, meaning that if we did want to trade him (and we've constantly stated we won't) it would be next year when he has an expiring contract.  Unless we find a) An incredibly good offer, like that Michael Redd/Charlie Villanueva rumor that spread last year, and b) A team dumb enough to trade away a very good player for a fading star, Tracy's going to be a Rocket for this season. 

Which brings me to Cleveland's assumed stance on this.  From their standpoint, it would be pointless to shake up an 18-3 team by trading key role players (besides Wally) for someone that would only slow down the pace and take a lot of shots.  They have their pieces in place around LeBron and Mo Williams, so a deal isn't happening.  And, again, that's not just to the Cavs, that's to anyone.  You or I can pretty much guarantee that Tracy McGrady will not be traded in the 2008-2009 season.