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Rafer vs. Wafer

Is this a talent discussion?  No, because it's obvious that Von Got Game and we'd be wasting our time trying to find some in Skip.  No, this is in a different light.

I have a friend who has trouble pronouncing his R's.  I'm used to hearing him call Rafer Alston "Wafer" because that's the only way he can pronounce it.  So when Von Wafer made the Rockets at the beginning of the season, there was bound to be some confusion. Sure enough, during the Memphis game recently, my friend finally broke the ice when I wasn't paying attention:

"Nice shot, Wafer."

"You mean Rafer?"

"No, I mean Wafer."

"Oh, Von?"

"No, Wafer."

"So Rafer."

"No, I mean Wafer. Wait, is his name Von?"

Terrible.  So I wondered how someone would handle it with Bill Worrell talking.  Speech impediment or not, whenever someone says "Wafer" while you're not really watching, you can get confused.  Loosely watch this video below, and at :25 and :30, see if you can tell the difference between Wafer and Rafer (You know what's coming due to the video's title, but come on, work with me here):

Hopefully I'm not the only one hearing this.  Then maybe I have a problem.