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Things to ponder on a Monday morning

The Rockets don't play again until tomorrow night.  Which is good... because they need time to recover from the hangover also known as "Saturday night's effort against the Clippers."  In the meantime, a few NBA related thoughts to ponder:

  • You know this new trend where players will jump to block/goaltend shots taken ten seconds after the whistle blows?  It's Kevin Garnett's fault.  I realize it's supposed to be some kind of intimidation thing.  It's also really stupid.  I hope someone blows out an ACL trying to block a shot that wouldn't count anyway.
  • If the Rockets go on a losing streak because Rafer Alston is injured... is that God's way of proving a point to me?  I hope not.  But I'm often wrong about these things.
  • Why does the NBA continue to have an illegal defense rule?  Just let them play a full zone.  If Yao wants to stand in the lane for 10 seconds -- who does that hurt?  It just means someone is open. 
  • Speaking of, Lee and I covered this idea last year, but the "semi-circle" thing under the rim has got to go.  It is by far the dumbest idea ever introduced into the NBA game.  And yes, that includes Orange Roundie.  I realize the Rockets lead the league in players who can't jump so they try to take charges instead (Battier, Hayes, Scola, etc. etc.), but it's still quite annoying to encourage players to undercut each other under the rim.  When LeBron breaks his leg after Derek Fisher undercuts him legally outside this "forbidden area"... maybe then Heir Stern will reconsider?
  • If Earl Hickey still doesn't understand the idea of "karma" - maybe watching the replay of Duane Brown falling onto Albert Haynesworth's knee will help solidify the concept.  That's karma, bitch.  God I hate the Titans.
  • What happened to Luis Scola?  I love the guy, but he's disappeared.  I didn't know a 6'10" guy with long hair like that could disappear, but he kinda has. 
  • So Tracy McGrady rests for two weeks and then has one good game... immediately followed by a dud.  What happens if he rests until April?  Maybe that's been the answer all along?
  • On a personal note, I must apologize for the lack of posting here lately -- but I've been involved in a lengthy intellectual property related trial and have really only been able to watch one complete game in the last 3-4 weeks.  And that was Saturday's disgrace of a game.
  • Lastly, how the hell am I going to be able to craft another "Joey Dorsey's Thoughts" kind of storyline if Rick Adelman won't let him play?  This is killing me.

The Rockets better freakin' win tomorrow night.  Otherwise, it is really going to hurt my "Chauncey Billups is overrated" argument.