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Word of the Day: "Maloney Line"

Today's word is "Maloney Line", named after former Rockets PG Matt Maloney.


Definition: A starting point guard that sadly averages less than 4 assists per game.

As in "Through the first month of the season, Mike Conley was rockin' the Maloney Line as he only averaged 3.8 apg."

I grew up watching Matt Maloney shoot threes for us back when we had those sweet striped blue unis (I'm the only one that liked them, apparently).  I never, however, remember Maloney being much of a passer, so I looked up his stats and found that not only was he not a great passer: he was a terrible passer.  His career high in assists per game was 3.7, that coming in his rookie campaign.  Over the course of his career, he averaged 2.9 assists per game, which made me wonder how he ever started for us.  You could say that he is the point guard version of Steve Novak, which entitles me to think he's awesome.  But seriously.

How can a starting point guard average under four assists per game?  Even Rafer gets his 5 assists per game amidst shooting it every time he is nearly open.  Only one person has put up the Maloney Line this season other than the combination of Conley and Kyle Lowry, that being Derek Fisher, who gives up most of his PG duties to Kobe as the game progresses.

You've heard of the Eddy Curry Line.  This is the Maloney Line.