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Mount Mutombo making a return?

Just speculation on my part, but with Francis traded allowing the Rockets to clear cap space, does that pave the way for Mutombo to come back "after Christmas" like he said he would? There is a general rule of thumb for GMs during Christmas that you do not trade players, so this tells me that they did it for a specific purpose, and Deke has to be that purpose in my opinion.

I think this is clearly the move that allows that to happen.  It's a shame Stevie couldn't finish his career here, but it's obvious his knee wasn't ready. That brings up an interesting point, if he's hurt, how does he pass the physical in Memphis?

If Mutombo doesn't come back, this is still a wise financial move by the Rockets.  yes we lose a second rounder, but getting under the cap in this economy is a shrewd move by Morey for Alexander. 

Did anyone keep track of the picks the Rockets