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The only time I will ever say this: Thank You, Lakers!!!

Celtics strolled into Los Angeles tonight with a 19 game winning streak and all sorts of media attention the Rockets lacked last year until we got to 20 wins in a row.  So yeah, it's safe to say I wasn't exactly rooting for the Celtics tonight...

and the Lakers gave me a surprise Christmas gift.  Thank you, Kobes!


The Celtics' streak over.
The Rockets' Streak still remains the tops of our era and 2nd all time.
(The Rockets' Streak gets capitalized as a proper noun.  The Celtics' version does not.  For obvious reasons.)

22 > 19

Now the Rockets can focus on destroying the Utah Jazz on Saturday:

"My name is Tracy McGrady.  You killed my 2008 season.  And my 2007 season.  Prepare to die."