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Rafer's family must have a lot of free time

First wave of all-star voting was released today.

Some notable names:

Crazy Pills is 5th among Western Conference forwards, but he's only 117,079 votes behind the guy in 2nd... Amar'e Stoudemire.  BTW, Amar'e - the new spelling of your name sucks.  And only Lee likes it because it allows him to use more apostrophes... nah, I bet he hates it too.

Anyway, also among WC forwards is one Luis Scola, languishing with only 181,253 votes to his name.  In contrast, one Rafer Alston has a stunning 211,017 votes.

Read that again.  Rafer Freakin' Alston has over 200,000 people think he's All-Star worthy.  His family must be really damned busy these days punching holes in ballots.

If that Rafer statistic alone isn't enough to yank away the privilege of voting from the fans, I don't know what is.  Oh, wait, check that... I found an even worse violation.  Easy Yi has 762,000+ votes to rank 3rd among Eastern Conference forwards.  That is seriously messed up.

Tracy somehow is 2nd among Western guards.  I'll stop now before I get a headache trying to analyze that one.  I know I should support Tracy to the end being that he's a Rocket, but to deny CP3 an All-Star spot is just wrong.

Ahhhh, enough of this.  GO VOTE FOR LUIS SCOLA!!  NOW!!