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Game 31 - Houston Rockets vs. Utah Jazz Saturday December 27th 7:30PM CST


I unfortuantely can't get to a full game preview with a Christmas party to head to in a few minutes, but this is all you need to know.

Houston Rockets
DTD - Artest - No word on if he will play tonight. With Battier hobbled and playing through it until Ron can come back, I hope he sits this game and gets as healed up as he needs to be.

Tracy McGrady needs to sit another two weeks, that's my opinion. I'm not a doctor, but he is a full on idiot for not sitting until he was all the way healed. I'm already tired of his want to be a hero. Tracy, a little note, you can't be a hero if you aren't actually capable of playing through the pain. And stop shooting the ball with more than 15 seconds on the clock. Better yet, stop shooting it period!!

Utah Jazz
OUT - Millsap, Boozer and Okur

Those are the Jazz's top three scorers and rebounders. If the Rockets don't win tonight I might have to take a timeout.