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Rumor: Villanueva to Houston?

It's really early, so I'll make this short.  Here are some links to posts that are starting to spread rumors about a 3-way trade between the Lakers, Bucks, and Rockets.  It would involve Charlie Villanueva coming to Houston along with a filler from the Lakers (possibly Chris Mihm), Tyronn Lue and Luther Head or Brent Barry going to the Lakers, and Carl Landry going to the Bucks.  Here are your rumor links:

Brew Hoop

Real GM

The Real GM link may be the most legit of the three, and BrewHoop links to the other links.  Also, Carl Landry would have to consent to any trade.  And remember, they are just rumors.

More to come as soon as I know.

BallHype: hype it up!