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Time for me to take a deep breath, relax, and remind myself it could be worse

Yes, I am annoyed that the Rockets blew last night's game and are "only" 20-12 this year, which is no longer good enough for first place in the Southwest Division.

Southwest Standings

San Antonio 20 10 .666 0 Won 5
Houston 20 12 .625 1 Lost 1
New Orleans 18 9 .666 0.5 Won 2
Dallas 18 12 .600 2 Won 1
Memphis 10 21 .322 10.5 Lost 2

(updated 12.30.2008 at 11:36 AM CST)

That said... it could be worse. For instance - remember last year?

At this time last year, the Rockets were coming off a defeat to the Celtics (no shame there), and had a robust record of 15-17. So, yes, this year is an improvement. It may not seem like it, but it is. Five games better is still five games better...

And there is a bright side. Just look at our schedule in February! Those are 10 easily winnable games. And the "other" game is against Cleveland, a team we normally match up well against (and Yao wants revenge now, too). By the first of March, the Rockets should be healthy (Big 3), wealthy (big winning streak!) and wise (learn from the Washington debacle. Please!).

Aside from health, the only "resolution" the Rockets should make is to stop taking lesser teams for granted. We've somehow lost to Washington, Indiana, Memphis and the Clippers. I cannot explain that.