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Rumors to raise... and immediately dismiss

From SLAM Online (via of all things... the New York Daily News)

McGrady Bad-Mouthing Yao?

Well, this is fun: "This is the fifth season Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming have played together in Houston, so you’d think by now that everyone would be comfortable with their roles. Apparently not. McGrady has been privately complaining to friends in recent days about Yao taking too many shots and not being tough enough. Like McGrady has never been accused of either."

Yeah, haha.  It's a nice rumor, but consider the source (NY Daily News?  Puh-leeze.)

Second, the moment I stop seeing pictures like this:


and instead start seeing more pictures like this:


well, that's the moment when T-Mac might re-gain some credibility.  That isn't happening any time soon.  Furthermore, Yao averages fewer shots per game than any other All Star in the NBA.  No one is allowed to bitch about how many shots Yao takes.  Especially Tracy.

Lastly, we all know Yao is somewhat slow and by no means the definition of quick, but he is also by no means "soft" - not with everyone beating on him on every play and Yao still finding a way to be a 20/10 guy.  Yao is not the problem.