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Game 41 - Houston Rockets vs. Miami Heat Saturday 7:30PM CST


The Match-ups:

Point Guard
Alston - You suck, ya jackass
Chalmers - How exactly did they get this guy so late in the draft? Further proof that talent evaluation is a joke
Edge: Heat

Shooting Guard
Wafer - What more can I say? He's been better with Tracy out than Tracy has been when he's been in. Let's not fool ourselves though, McGrady is clearly the better player by a wide margin. Von has just done everything the team has asked of him, even the stuff no one expected him to be able to achieve.
Wade - As hard as he plays, as much as he gets his team in games and keeps them in games, he's playing with a bunch of underachievers. Eventually that will wear on him. Either that or something will click with his teammates and the top 4 East teams will be better than the top 4 West teams in every way
Edge: Heat

Small Forward
Battier -
Marion - I can not rationally talk about The Matrix because I am too big of a fan of his hideous shot that somehow goes in. He should be much worse, yet much better than he is, if that makes sense
Edge: Heat

Power Forward
Scola - The referees took him out of a game where he was severely outplaying "Star" Pau Gasol. That's all I have to say about that
Haslem - I've always liked this guy, I wanted him badly when trade rumors were going around a few years back. Now he would be third on our power forward depth chart. That is good news for me
Edge: Rockets

Yao - Again referees took him out of a game he was dominating. Again Yao doesn't get that he isn't allowed to take charges. Hopefully Dikembe will teach him that once and for all
Anthony - Wait, the Heat start a 6'9 center? Uh oh
Edge: Rockets

Key Reserve
Landry - Landry has stepped up seamingly every time this year that Scola could not. I could not be more happy with how he has played as of late. It hasn't always been with points, but his hustle is really big for the second unit.
Beasley - Really should be the starter, but I get the idea of bringing him off the bench. He can run with the second team and really get his points. It's a smart move.
Edge: Heat

Houston Rockets
OUT -McGrady and Artest

Miami Heat

My Prediction: Her'es the funny thing. In my above Edges I gave 4 of 6 to the Heat, yet the Rockets will win this game. I'm thinking by a healthy margin in fact. Just goes to show, individuals don't win basketball games.