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5 Questions (Okay it's 6) - With TrueBlue Jazz

We originally set this up to be before the game on Saturday, but with the holidays there was a bit of a delay.  You can check out our answers to their question here.

1.  The Jazz are 7-5 without Deron Williams this year, and 9-6 without Carlos Boozer, how exactly is that possible?


The easy answer is that there is a big drop off from Deron Williams to Brevin Knight. And a small drop off from Boozer to Millsap.

The hard answer exactly do we move Carlos Boozer now he is having knee surgery?


2.  With Carlos Boozer stating he is going to opt out, please elaborate on TrueBlueJazz's position that Millsap can take over for him.  Who, among the free agents next year, can you get to be Millsap's replacement if he does start?  Are you reaping what you sowed by signing the guy that stabbed a blind man in the back to sign with the Jazz?


TBJ is split on this question. We have guys who like Boozer and want him back, and others (like me) who can't wait for the door to hit him in the ass on the way out. Millsap has proven he can play against starters and put up exceptional numbers. However...he is not a back to the basket guy. The Jazz offense needs a post up guy. Millsap is a great fix, but I'm not sure it is a long term fix. I think Okur has proven much more valuable to the team than Boozer has. The key is keeping Okur here.


What free agents would we get? Ha. How about anyone who we can overpay enough to come and live in SLC...only to find out it's a great place to live and play NBA basketball.


Are we reaping what we sowed? Yes. Yes we are. Add stabbing a man dying from Diabetes to that list of Carlos' victims.


3.  How much longer does Jerry Sloan coach the Jazz?


You guys are big J-Slo fans I know. He's here as long as he wants. I think he and Deron get along well so there is nobody to force him out.

My personal guess is that he will be done by the 2010 season.


4.  Where do you see the Jazz in the Western Conference standings when April gets here?  Does anyone foresee another Utah/Houston Round 1 matchup?


This depends on whether the Jazz ever get healthy. I would guess the Jazz can hold on to a 5-7 seed. I think a first round match-up with the rockets is very possible. I want to see one because I'm curious to see how long it takes Houston police to talk T-Mac off of the edge of a bridge.


5.  Does Utah make any trade deadline deals this year?  Might that include Boozer?


Pre-surgery announcement? Yes. Post-surgery announcement? No. The only person I think the Jazz would even be interested in moving is Boozer.

The Jazz traditionally don't move players during the season. The Korver trade was the result of the cancer that is Gordon Giricek. I think the team you see today is the team you see kick your asses in the first round come playoff time.


6.  Which current Utah player/representative should I hate the most:

Carlos Boozer, Jerry Sloan, Matt Harpring and/or Ashton Korver??

(Deron is cool...)


Great Question. I'll give you a reason to like them and a reason to hate them and you can come up with your own verdict.


Boozer: Love him because he's a beast on the boards and a consistent 20-10 guy. Hate him because he has no soul. You can trust Carlos about as much as you can trust a used condom lying in the gutter in downtown Houston.


Sloan: Love him because he is such a hard ass and has proven that his system is timeless. Hate him because he'll talk for 10 minute about how good the opponent is and not give a single compliment to his own team.


Harpring: Love him because if he was in a Rockets uni, the flops wouldn't be so obvious. Hate him because he misses anything inside of 10 feet and outside of 13 feet.


Korver: Love him because he's a good person and great role model who can shoot lights out when he gets his rhythm. Hate him because chances are your wife or girlfriend is only watching the game with you to see him swipe his beautiful bangs off to the side revealing his piercing eyes and statuesque jaw line and his Abercrombie and Fitch poster boy lips