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Optimism Check

It's hard out there for a Rockets fan.  We're always drowning in injury reports, Alston antics, and let-down losses to the Clippers, Pacers, or Wizards. 

So let's cheer up.


Optimism Level 1: Facts are facts

  • We're 28-17
  • We've beaten the Boston Celtics, Utah Jazz, San Antonio Spurs, New Orleans Hornets, and several other good ballclubs.
  • Von Wafer is beasting everyone.
  • Landry, Scola, and Brooks have all developed well.

Optimism Level 2: Good, not great

  • Yao Ming isn't out for the season.
  • Dikembe Mutombo is back.
  • Rick Adelman is sleeping less during games.
  • We only lost by single digits to L.A. and Cleveland.

Optimism Level 3: Pushing our luck

  • Ron Artest is taking charges instead of being charged.
  • We're 2-0 against the Thunder.
  • Luther Head isn't playing
  • Chuck Hayes's 35.7 FT% isn't hurting us, as he attempts .3 per game.

Optimism Level 4: Just for kicks

  • Shane Battier has yet to miss a trivia question on the Toyota Center scoreboard during time-outs.
  • T-Mac finally sold his car on eBay.  Either that or nobody bought it, because the "buy now" period has ended.
  • Steve Novak has yet to explode in Los Angeles, thus making our decision to trade him seem somewhat plausible.  But he may be heating up: 4 straight double-digit games, baby!
  • At least we average more blocked shots than the Bucks and Knicks.

Optimism Level 5: Going against everything we believe in


  • Rafer Alston is...(gulp)...playing quite well.