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A welcome back note for Tracy McGrady

Tracy, I know at times it seems like we really dislike you here.  That's not the case at all.  You are an excellent basketball player... and we all know that.  You also have the ability to do things that maybe 3-4 other players in the league can do (those players being named "Kobe", "LeBron", "Von Wafer" and "Dwyane".) 

The problem -- and the reason that so many people criticize you -- is that you often end up doing things that only your distant cousin does... Mr. Vince Carter.  Who is another "could be" great player but who really isn't.

Let me see if I can explain this better:



Yes, I found this at "howstuffworks" - it seemed appropriate.  Anyway, that area they call the Free Throw Lane (in red a.k.a. "the paint")... well, I know you probably feel like Marco Polo discussing this considering that it must seem to you that no man would ever venture into the paint.  Surprisingly... people go there all the time.

By my count, in your return game last night against Detroit, you actually stepped foot inside the "red" area twice.  2 times.  That is... ummmm... a concern.  You took 14 shots in 37 minutes (37!?!?  In a row?).  Of these 14 shots, exactly one would qualify as a "layup" or an attempt to go to the basket.  The good news?  YOU MADE THAT SHOT!!  Woo hoo!  You see... this is a good thing.  I encourage you to do it again.  And again.  And again. 

Because you still shoot wayyyy too many long-distance jump shots that bail out the defense.  Going to the basket causes problems for the other team... they have to foul you... or try to double-team you... or just let you have a layup.  All three results are good for the team.  Your team.  Think about it.

In the meantime, welcome back!