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Season Review: Right before the Streak, Part II

Shortly after the 2008-09 schedule was released this summer... and right after the Rockets acquired Ron Artest for a rookie and some spare change... I set out to do a regular season game-by-game prediction for the entire season.

Right now the Rockets are 28-18... not exactly the pace I expected from the good guys.  In fact, I think I had the Rockets losing only 24 games the entire season.  Ouch.

On the bright side?  Check out the "easy" schedule the Rockets have from now all the way until February 26th (vs. Cleveland) and then no difficult teams again until March 6th (vs. Phoenix, and yes I know we play in Utah on March 4th).  I maintain my prediction that the Rockets will go undefeated in February.  Last night's game -- as bad as it was to watch -- may be a motivating factor now.

Let's re-hash my predictions after the jump and see how bad the Rockets have failed me this year (the initial comments were included in August... my how wrong I was on many occasions)


Wed, Oct 29, v. Memphis - W
(we aren't losing to the overmatched Grizz on opening night.
No freakin' way.)

actual result:  W

Thu, Oct 30, @ Dallas - L
(the first "screw you, Rockets" by the schedulers.
2nd part of a back-to-back and on the road.)

actual result:  W.  Thank you, Crazy Pills.

Sat, Nov 1, v. Durants - W

actual result:  W

Tue, Nov 4, v. Boston - L
(early matchup against the Champs, uh oh)

actual result:  L.  No surprise.

Thur, Nov 6, @ Portland - W
(Yao > Oden)

actual result:  L.  Brandon Roy does not need a full second to shoot.

Fri, Nov 7, @ Clippers - W
(no Elton, no team)

actual result:  W

Sun, Nov 9, @ Lakers - W
(Kobe's first taste of Artest + Battier)

actual result:  L.  And by 29.  Ouch.

Wed, Nov 12, @ Phoenix - W
(Yao > the Fat Ass)

actual result:  W.  Prediction correct.

Fri, Nov 14, @ San Antonio - L
(last of 5 straight road games. Not fair.)

actual result:  L.  Though we should have won.

Sat, Nov 15, v. New Orleans - W
(we match up well against the CP3s)

actual result:  W.  I was at this game.  It was fun.

Mon, Nov 17, @ Durants - W
(too young to beat us... at this point)

actual result:  W.  No surprise.

Wed, Nov 19, v. Dallas - W
(Jason Kidd kinda sucks)

actual result:  L.  Dammit!  Damn you, Jason Terry.

Fri, Nov 21, @ Washington - W
(I like Agent Zero a lot, but... no.)

actual result:  W.  Should have lost though.

Sat, Nov 22, @ Orlando - L
(I sense a trap/let-down game)

actual result:  W.  Yao > D-Ho.

Mon, Nov 24, @ Miami - W
(Flash or no Flash, they aren't very good)

actual result:  W.  Yao > Haslem.

Wed, Nov 26, v. Indiana - W

actual result:  L.  Someone cover Troy Murphy!!!

Sat, Nov 29, v. San Antonio - W
(yeah, I'm calling it a win here. I just am.)

actual result:  W.  I'm good.

Sun, Nov 30, @ Denver - L
(gotta fly to Denver for back-to-back? Ouch.)

actual result:  L.  This one was ugly.

Wed, Dec 3, v. Clippers - W
(sorry, I just don't see the Clips competing)

actual result:  W.  Barely.

Fri, Dec 5, v. Golden State - W
(just a hunch, we'll take 'em at home)

actual result:  W.  T-Mac with the most unimpressive triple-double EVAR.

Mon, Dec 8, @ Memphis - W
(Memphis still sucks. And probably will for a while.)

actual result:  L.  Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Tue, Dec 9, v. Atlanta - W
(if we lose this game, I will be very, very angry.)

actual result:  W.  Whew.

Fri, Dec 12, @ Golden State - L
(the game where G.S. gets even...)

actual result:  W.  Works for me.

Sat, Dec 13, @ Clippers - W
(look, I'm not ever going to pick the Clips to beat us.)

actual result:  L.  Son of a bitch.

Tue, Dec 16, v. Denver - W
(Denver has only gotten worse this offseason.)

actual result:  W.  Take that, Chauncey!

Fri, Dec 19, v. Sacramento - W
(Crazy Pills won't let us lose this one)

actual result:  W.  Okay, so the reason was wrong.

Sat, Dec 20, @ Minnesota - W
(Minnesota sucks, too - but the new unis are cool.)

actual result:  W.  Kevin Love is no Yao.

Mon, Dec 22, @ New Jersey - W
(I am not scared of Vince Carter)

actual result:  W.  Starting a winning streak!

Tue, Dec 23, @ Cleveland - L
(I am kinda scared of LeBron)

actual result:  L.  Bye, bye winning streak.

Fri, Dec 26, @ New Orleans - L
(this is not a very nice x-mas gift to the Rockets.)

actual result:  L.  Screw you, schedule makers.

Sat, Dec 27, v. Utah - W
(F-U, Utah! We are winning this game!)

actual result:  W.  Utah sucks.  Thanks, Crazy Pills.

Mon, Dec 29, v. Washington - W
(Agent Zero will need to score 60. He won't.)

actual result:  L.  No agent zero, lots of problems.  This was bad.

Wed, Dec 31, v. Milwaukee - W
(Didn't Milwaukee trade their whole team?)

actual result:  W.  Closer than it should have been.

Fri, Jan 2, @ Toronto - L
(post-New Year's trap game...
Joey Dorsey + Canadian strip clubs could be scary.)

actual result:  L.  Joey in Rio Grande, Tracy should have joined him.  Worst loss of the season.

Sat, Jan 3, @ Atlanta - L
(hangover, part 2 - long trip and back-to-back)

actual result:  L.  No T-Mac, No Artest, but lots of heart.  Bibby with a last second 3 to win.  Damn.

Tue, Jan 6, @ Philly - W
(where we wake up but are sick of playing on the road)

actual result:  L.  Philly owns us.

Wed, Jan 7, @ Boston - L
(this road trip got ugly fast)

actual result:  W.  Viva, Von Wafer!

Fri, Jan 9, @ Durants - W
(we love KD here, but... not happening.)

actual result:  W.  Closer than it should have been.

Sat, Jan 10, v. Knicks - W
(New York can't even hope to contain Yao)

actual result:  W.  The Knicks kinda suck.

Tue, Jan 13, v. LA Lakers - W
(again, Artest + Battier > Kobe)

actual result:  L.  Son of a bitch.  Make a damn free throw, Rafer.

Sat, Jan 17, v. Miami - W
(not losing to Miami. Certainly not at home.)

actual result:  W.  You cannot contain Yao.

Mon, Jan 19, v. Denver - L
(I sense another let-down game here...)

actual result:  W.  A very nice win.

Wed, Jan 21, v. Utah - W
(... because we are thinking ahead to Utah)

actual result:  W.  Utah continues to suck.  It is glorious.

Fri, Jan 23, @ Indiana - W
(Indiana is a sinking ship... and Artest will kill 'em)

actual result:  L.  No Artest, no Tracy.  No defense.  Indy sweeps.

Sun, Jan 25, @ Detroit - L
(for some reason, we never play well at Detroit)

actual result:  W.  Welcome back, T-Mac and RonRon.

Mon, Jan 26, @ NY Knicks - W
(Yao loves the Garden. Many dunks ahead.)

actual result:  LWhy'd you come back so soon, T-Mac and RonRon?  Stop shooting 3s!

(predicted result by Jan. 26th?  33-13.  Actual result as of Jan. 26th.  28-18.)

The Streak, Part II starts NOW!!!