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Statistics That Make My Head Hurt

Take a look at these two shot charts (courtesy of





This doesn't make sense.  We shoot better on the road than at home...much better, in fact.  And yet, we're 11-4 at home and only 10-8 on the road.  In addition to that, we score more points at home (98.2) than we do on the road (97.1).  Huh?

After some insight, I've found that we can attribute the home ppg to more FT attempts (12 more attempts at home in 3 less games), which does make sense.  We shoot the same percentage at home and away, so the makes even out.  

Maybe this helps to explain our 21-12 record compared to our 15-17 record at this point last season.  We shoot 81 percent from the free throw line this year, compared to 73 percent last year.  You can thank our improved FT percentage for that Milwaukee win.  

Our defense at home explains the better record as well, seeing as we give up only 91.5 ppg at home compared to 95.8 on the road.

I just found that to be interesting.  And to state the obvious, our road 3pt% is ridiculously good.