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I got nothin'

The Rockets are a mediocre basketball team.  That's the truth.

And the truth hurts.  Yes, I know we played hard tonight... without Artest or Battier and with Von Wafer having cramping issues.  Plus Tracy McGrady was a spectator for this game (then again, even when Tracy's been on the court this year he's been mostly a spectator.) 

Speaking of Tracy, I always thought centers were the position most likely to all of a sudden just "lose it" - but McGrady is done.  We should have done the Kobe trade a year ago.  And if that wasn't an option, we should have taken whatever the Chicago Bulls would have offered.  In fact, maybe they'll still give us Kirk Hinrich and some spare parts for McGrady (?).  Pretty please?

There are exactly two players on the team playing well right now.  Yao and Scola.  And because Scola is too nice to demand the ball, he's being ignored in the offense.  Wafer is up-and-down.  Brooks is in a shooting slump.  Rafer sucks.  Artest is visibly frustrated with his teammates and the referees.  Adelman is still asleep (seriously - Carl Landry was PERFECT tonight, and yet Adelman only let him play 18 freakin' minutes.  That is inexcusable.)

Sad to say, but the Rockets are once again on pace to limp into the playoffs and be unceremoniously shown the door 6-7 games later. 

Show some heart, men.  This time last year the team was finding itself and gaining confidence.  I see the exact opposite attitude this year.  With Rafer bitching about everything and McGrady slowly becoming a cancer... we need someone else to be a jolt of energy and right the ship.  Like... now.