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The Rockets a year ago. When they got good.

On January 29, 2008, the Houston Rockets hosted the Golden State Warriors.  At the time, the Rockets were coming off a tough loss to the evil Utah Jazz.  The season was slipping away.  Again.  The Rockets looked nothing like a potential playoff team.  Certainly not in the most difficult Western Conference ever.

The Rockets edged the Golden State Warriors by four points that night.  It marked the first time Luis Scola was the starting power forward.  (Adelman took three months to wake up.)  Unbeknownst to the Rockets -- and everyone except Lee -- this game also was noteworthy for one other thing:

It was Game #1 of what would be a 22-game winning streak, aka The Streak.

The Streak, Part II was supposed to start on Wednesday.  Let's just call it a false start, right the ship, and begin a new Streak by beating the *#(@& out of Golden State this Saturday night.  Again.

(and yes, we really did predict a long winning streak here last year.  It's true.)