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5 Questions with Yo Sixers

Typically we do these before games, but we got a late start on our own response back to Ryan over at Yo Sixers So, this is something new, a Q&A after the game that will help give insight from an outside perspective. 

To see our answers to their questions, go

TDS - What are your general thoughts on the game?

Yo Sixers - The Sixers played horribly the first three quarters and were able to win because the Rockets' played horribly in the fourth quarter more than the Sixers played well. They had so many careless turnovers, a lot of whom were from Andre Iguodala. They could not shoot at all from three point land, 1 of 12 for game. The Sixers' starters were just lucky the bench was there to save them, notably Elton Brand and Lou Williams. It was good to see Brand back looking good with 14 points and six blocks. Williams added 17 in another quality outing.

TDS -  Name the top three things that the 76ers did well

Yo Sixers -
1.  Samuel Dalembert did a great job defending Yao Ming.
2.  The Sixers shot great from the free throw line, converting 20 of 21 opportunities
3.  Block shots, six from Elton Brand, 14 blocked shots overall

TDS - Name the top three thing that the 76ers did poorly
Yo Sixers -
1.  Shoot from long range
2.  Defend Scola, he was all over the court rebounding and scoring for the Rockets
3.  Not turning the ball over, way to many turnovers in the first half

TDS -.  What will it take to get Philly over the hump?  They are a decent, yet not quite good team at this point.  What will it take to get there?

Yo Sixers - I think DiLeo has this team on the right track to get over the hump.. Brand showed against the Rockets the reason the Sixers' signed him this past offseason. I think the key is how does DiLeo work Brand. If he has to come off the bench, I am fine with that. But I think if Brand can come back and be that effective on a nightly basis, than that will come a long way into getting over the hump.
Also, our two team weaknesses need to get fixed before we can be considered a good team. Our three point shooting has been dreadful the whole season except for during that seven game win streak. The Sixers need the three point shooting to be consistent and they were lucky to pull out a win against the Rockets even with the 1 for 12 mark from outside. The second thing is their perimeter defense, the reason for their loss to the Hornets the other night. They could not defend anyone on the perimeter, and it showed when Peja shot 6 of 10 from three point land. Luckily, Rafer Alston is not Peja.

TDS - Do you think that the 50 point butt kicking has been avenged yet?
Yo Sixers - I think so, the Sixers swept the season series 2-0. That is good enough redemption for me.