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Shane Battier - still the whitest man alive

This from an excerpt on the excellent "Ball Don't Lie" blog on Yahoo (BDL interviewing Jamal Crawford):

BDL: Finishing up ... I read that you're a "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" fan.
Crawford: (Smiles) Yeah, Will Smith.
BDL: Is Coach Nelson the Uncle Phil of the NBA?
Crawford: Ha! After I've been around a little bit more I'll be able to tell you, so maybe next season I'll have some answers for you.
BDL: You've been around the league for a while now, who is the Carlton of the NBA?
(Pauses) Shane Battier.
BDL: Yeah.
Crawford: Yeah, Shane Battier ... or no, Channing Frye. Channing Frye, I played with him.
BDL: Do you think he could do "The Carlton Dance?"
Crawford: Yeah. Yeah, he could do it for sure. Actually, I've seen him do it, so he's perfect.
BDL: He's literally done that dance before?
Crawford: He's done that dance before.

Yes, Shane Battier, still the undisputed whitest man in the NBA.  I can actually picture him doing the Carlton Dance.  Scary.  I bet there is a YouTube clip somewhere.  And if there isn't, someone needs to make one.