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Just throwing this out there...

Since McGrady "played" last night, we can assume he is not playing tonight against the Celtics.  Correct?

Yes, "played" is in quotes for a reason... because I don't care about his 9 assists and his 3 steals.  Those are hollow stats to anyone who actually watched the game.

Okay, so tonight our lineup will probably be Rafer, Wafer, Artest (please?!?!), Scola and Yao.  If not Artest then we get Brooks in the lineup.  Yikes.  That's a small team to go up against Boston.

Furthermore, if tonight's effort is to the same level as last night's "effort" - the final score is going to be something like 100-75.  With Luis Scola putting up a 20-15-2 and wondering why no one will help him.