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I've never been so happy to be proven *so* wrong!

The Rockets win!

In Boston!

Without Tracy!

Or Shane!

Hey!  Paul Pierce... Ron Artest would like for you to suck his bawls!


Crazy Pills enjoys your tears, Boston. 

Tom proved himself to be quite the Nostrodamus-esque mofo over at Celtics Blog.  Predicting an 88-84 Rockets win... how 'bout 89-85?  That close enough?  Holy hell I am happy.  And surprised.  And quite impressed with the heart shown by the good guys tonight.  Major credit goes to ABZ and Crazy Pills.  Those two guys brought toughness and tenacity tonight.

What a game.  And yes, I thought we had absolutely no chance tonight.  I am so happy to be proven wrong.  Thank you for giving me hope Ron.  And Aaron.  And Yao.  And Scola. (0 points?  ouch dude.)  And maybe my new favorite Rocket (non-Yao/Scola division)... Von Wafer!