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Word of the Day: "Jedi"

Today's word is "Jedi."  Who cares if it doesn't apply to any Rockets?


Definition: Any notable NBA player (but most likely a superstar) that is constantly allowed 4 to 5 steps before being called for a travel.

As in: "Although Dwyane Wade took five steps on that spin move, he wasn't called for traveling.  Steve Javie must've remembered that Dwyane is a Jedi."

For whatever reason, the Referee Empire, led by the evil Steve Javie, has awarded many NBA players Jediship, or the privilege to travel freely.  The original Jedi of this generation, LeBron James, was once the sole Jedi, but in the past few years, Kevin Garnett and Dwyane Wade have fought for the title of Jedi by introducing ridiculous spin moves involving complicated hops and the switching of pivot feet.  Observe some Jedi masters at work:

Dwyane Wade

More Dwyane Wade

LeBron James

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