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Von Wafer vs. Al Bundy - which "4" is more impressive?

It is no secret here that we are huge fans of Married... with Children. And everything Bundy related. Al Bundy is a folk hero to us. Maybe not a role model though.

As we all know, Al Bundy once scored four touchdowns in a game. For Polk High. To win the High School City Championship for Chicago. A damned impressive accomplishment. And the precise moment when Al Bundy peaked. Though they later named the stadium after him.........


But we have a challenger to the throne of impressive "quads"...

Von Wafer made 4 three-pointers against the Boston Celtics last night. The last one to seal the victory over the defending champs. In Boston. Another damned impressive accomplishment. To the extent none of us should be surprised to one day learn that Von Wafer will brag to his kids about how once upon a time he made four three pointers against the Boston Celtics. (I just hope Von doesn't have to resort to selling womens' shoes after his basketball career is over.)


So, I ask you... which "4" is more impressive?