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Does Joey Dorsey make the Rockets' roster?

I'm starting to get a little bit concerned. 

Pops Mensah-Bonsu played a hell of a good game last night against the RaptorsDavid Andersen has showed he's at least competent in the rebounding and shot-blocking department.  Chuck Hayes certainly isn't going anywhere.  The Rockets can't just cut Brian Cook because they'd be eating too much $$$ (though this is an option if Les Alexander can afford the $3.5M hit).  We all know that Luis Scola and Carl Landry are secure in their roles in the Rockets' frontcourt.  And more and more it looks like Chase Budinger is going to stick with the team and continue the great tradition of tall token white guy shooters for the Rockets.

That leaves seven players that would compete for playing time in at the C and PF positions.

That also means a certain Joey Dorsey might be on the outside looking in.  It's already been a topic of discussion among the beat reporters.  Dorsey hasn't been getting regular minutes in the rotation.  Not even in the pre-season.  He certainly didn't get much run last year (his faulty foot injury did not help matters).  Is it really possible that Dorsey gets cut in the next two weeks?


This may truly put me at a loss for words.  Whose alternate personality could I possibly take over if there are no antics involving the Dorsey Fin to write about?  Pops just doesn't strike me as inherently funny and it would almost seem cruel to have a parody version of Chase Budinger for me to mock incessantly.

I'm crushed.  Maybe I should start a "Please don't cut Joey Dorsey" petition?  Who is with me?