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Tom Goes to a Place Near the Mayor

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Yup, I've got a court date in Houston.  No, not for trafficking drugs or attempted assault on Brian Cook, but instead... for speeding tickets.  Two of them.  And one was in a school zone, in which I was going 39 mph.  One more mile per hour and I would have been a felon.  Would you take me seriously if I were a convicted felon?  I certainly would: haven't we built up some sort of trust in the past year?

Anyway, as you may have noticed, I've been on hiatus for a while, and will be for the remainder of the preseason.  October is a busy time of the year for me in Columbia, and the fact that I can't view preseason games isn't helping anything.  However, come October 28th, when you're looking for a recap of the win over Portland on opening night (knock on wood), you won't be disappointed.  Unless you think my writing sucks.  Then you're out of luck.