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Further evidence that Jalen Rose should not have a job at ESPN

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Lazy, ignorant comments such as these make me tremble.  Am I really going to be competing in a job market with fools like Jalen Rose?  Really?

Here is Rose's prediction for the 2009-2010 Rockets:

No Yao for possibly the entire season. T-Mac is recovering from surgery. And both players could be free agents after the season. Ariza was a good signing, but wins will be hard to come by this season. Brooks will have a breakout year. 

Southwest: 5 -- West: 14

You heard it, folks.  The Grizzlies, who lack more chemistry than Michael Cera and any love interest that he has ever had, are going to win more games than the Rockets this year.  Surely Jalen wasn't alone on his prediction.

Actually, he was.  Not a single ESPN columnist, or sane sportswriter elsewhere, picked the Rockets to finish below the dreaded Grizzlies in 2010.  Brilliant call, Jalen.  Simply brilliant.